About us

We are Old Believers, faithful children of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, and children of our own people. We are convinced that a "happy future" is impossible without faith in God, reliance on good traditions, and a willingness to improve. We believe that the strength for change and accomplishment must be drawn from the past, while looking confidently to the future.

The storms of the twentieth century destroyed the "old" Russia, plunging the Russian people into a state of prolonged ideological chaos. Today we have the freedom and time to restore the historical image of our state, relying on centuries-old traditions and foundations of the Russian people.

Modernity has not yet definitively erased the original manifestations of the Russian character in religion, culture, and way of daily life. We intend to collect and actualize the traditions of our ancestors, not reconstructing them, but reflecting on how their positive experience can be useful to us today.

Hidden Rus' is an authentic Russia, which we want to open to a wide range of people.